Hello world!


Unsure. Done learning. Latest unnecessary exploration finds us in baja mexico just south of ensenada.


1. Retire on our fixed monthly income of $264.

This is definitely possible. May have to take donations for wine ($4 per bottle).

2. Pay off debts. Roughly $4000. This will take several years.

3. Die honorably, perhaps early.

I have done nothing wrong. I have hurt no one. So i should die honorably unless i hose it at the end.

Why perhaps early?

I have seen enough to know that the half of earth i have not seen is probably significantly similar to the half i have seen. No need to see more. Exploration complete. I am ready to leave.

If you do not expect our next experiences to be better than life on earth, which is essentially hell, then i advise you to straighten your thinking cap.

Waiting. Don’t know why. Something has to happen eventually.

This has been really boring.