Connection is intelligence.

Do not act, react. Be witness of the situation. You can not control others actions, you can only control your reaction.

Be still.

Everybody did something wrong in their lives. Hurt people or animals. There is no sense in feeling guilty. Be aware of it, learn, ask for forgivness (maybe just yourself), move on. There is no wrong or right you can only act against your truth. You might be hurt, scared, confused, distracted or you just acting out of information. No reason to feel ever guilty, just see the lesson. I don’t get the point if perfection wouldn’t​ be my goal. You might know what is right to do, but you still struggle, the path is just so small and it depends a lot of training to not step off, but that’s okay because I think it’s important to dance on the way, and if you get out of balance or you take a brake, it’s fine, just get back on when you are ready.
For the information I have Jesus, Buddha and a few other religios leader came closest to what I want to be. I believe that they were misunderstood by many of people, but if you learn about them carefully, they might give you a good example of how to find your truth.

3 trasures

Compassion: Feel with every soul, what you do to others, you do to yourself. Heal yourself, heal everything.
Everything is connected, we are all made out of atoms. Between atom nuclear and atom envelope is space, which takes the most room. H2O is the essence of all being. Protozoa became sea animals, became mammals, became humans.
Animals, a few hundred years ago it wasn’t a crime killing slaves.

Simplicity: the more you have, the more you have to lose and care for. Have nothing and being attached to nothing is best. The less you have the less you need. No need of others theories, the truth is within you. Don’t care. Like a candle in the wind. Pumbling threw life, it’s not important.

Patience: like a giant tree grows from a tiny seed. Truth reveals eventually.